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Nozawa and its powder Dream

Nozawa Onsen is a very old and traditional Japanese hot spring and mountain village that is said to date back to the 8th century, and is surrounded by spectacular nature, which can be enjoyed throughout the year!

Nozawa and its powder Dream

The average annual snowfall is 12 meters (!!), which makes Nozawa one of the top powder ski resorts in Japan. Nozawa hosted some of the competitions of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

Nozawa and its powder Dream

Have a drink (or two!) in the bars (and karaoke shops!), which make it possible to enjoy the night until fairly late (if you want to!).

Nozawa and its powder Dream

From Nozawa you can enjoy amazing views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Sunsets are often breathtaking!

COVID-19 Prevention

Nozawa Dream Lodgings has implemented all the measures indicated by the Japanese Government plus additional ones in order to avoid the spreading of COVID-19. For details please see below. For any additional questions or comments, please kindly contact us at contact@nozawadream.com

COVID-19 Prevention - Detailed measures

Conditions imposed by the Japanese Government

Nozawa Dream Lodgings is a participant of the Japanese Government initiative named “Go To Campaign”, which provides a subsidy to domestic travellers paid by the Government.

The Japanese Government requires all participating accommodations to strictly enforce the following conditions:

  • At check-in, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent infection, such as:
    • Avoiding face-to-face contact as much as possible
    • Taking the temperature of each Guest
    • Verify the identity of all Guests
  • Guests who do not feel well (for instance they have a fever or a cold):
    • Must check their physical condition (for instance measuring their temperature)
    • Must take appropriate measures by seeking instructions from the nearest health centre, clinic, hospital, counselling centre, etc. (including during weekends)
  • Regarding the use of shared facilities such as bathrooms, shower rooms, eating & drinking facilities, etc. the Accommodation is required to set restrictions on the number of people allowed at any point in time in such facilities. The Accommodation is required to implement thoroughly measures against the three dangerous conditions identified by the Government (3 C’s):
    • Closed space with poor ventilation
    • Crowded places where many people gather
    • People having close Conversations in indoor area without proper distancing
  • In the buffet system, meals have to be served in an appropriate way, such as providing meals individually, or portions being served by Staff, or preparing tongs and chopsticks for individual customers to avoid sharing, and separating seats from each other. The Accommodation is required to implement thoroughly measures against the 3 C’s
  • The Accommodation is required to thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common spaces such as Guest rooms and elevators.
  • The Accommodation is required to announce to the Guests the thorough implementation of these conditions, for example displaying them at the Front Desk or on the Accommodation’s website
  • The Accommodation must make sure that Guests are aware of the rules they must comply with, when making a reservation or when checking in.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the “Go To Campaign” participation conditions.

Prevention measures implemented by Nozawa Dream Lodgings

Welcome to Nozawa Dream Lodgings!

Nozawa Dream has been operating in Nozawa since 2015, and its goal is to provide casual and friendly Japanese style accommodation in the heart of the village, a few minutes’ walk to both the ski lifts and the ‘shotengai’, i.e. the main street of the village where many shops, restaurants and bars are located.

Nozawa Dream Central started operating in 2019: as Nozawa Dream, it provides Japanese style accommodation and it is located a stone’s throw away from the main street, and with several access options to the ski resort as well. Some of its rooms include a private toilet.

Please contact us if you’d like to have more information about Nozawa and its Dreams!

Nozawa Dream Nozawa Dream Central

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